Dual Extruder Delta 3d Printer

Dual Extruder Delta 3d Printer – Looking to buy a dual or multi-extruder 3D printer? Perfect! Now you can type twice as fast, right? Well, not exactly.

The benefits of two (or more) extruders may not be as obvious as you might think. The easiest trap is to think that a printer prints faster because there are more extruders. They will actually speed up the overall printing process, but not because they print faster, because they print continuously.

Dual Extruder Delta 3d Printer

Dual Extruder Delta 3d Printer

If you have more than one extruder, you can have multiple filaments ready when you need them to print an object, resulting in time savings.

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With different filaments “ready to go”, you no longer need to stop printing, empty the extruder of the previous filament, feed the next filament and restart printing each time another material is needed. The printer will call which filament it needs when it needs it.

Thinking that multiple extruders print faster because there is more material available means that a color laser printer prints faster than a black and white printer because it has more ink cartridges. The limitations of multiple extruders come from the fact that different extruders currently share the same printhead. Since each extruder is locked to each other and cannot move independently, more material can be printed only if the object needs to be printed symmetrically at the exact distance from the origin because the two extruders are positioned. This is a major limitation of multiple extruders and is often misunderstood. Although the extruders cannot move independently, the advantages of twin extruders come from simply having more material available.

Currently, the most common use of multiple extruders is to separate the material used to print an object from the filament used to print any necessary base material. This allows you to use a different, lower quality filament (which will eventually be thrown away) for your props and save the best material for the final item. In some cases, a special disintegrating or dissolvable filament may be used to facilitate removal when the print is complete. This again can speed up the overall printing process and reduce the awkward and time-consuming task of removing support material.

Here two extruders have fun. Having multiple filaments ready to go means your printer can quickly switch to different colors by adding very small amounts before switching again. This allows you to complete prints with more complex color variations without stopping the print, and the filament can be physically changed each time a different color is needed.

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What multi-extruder FDM printing cannot currently do is mix two (or more) colors. Best of all, different threads can be layered on top of each other to create a gradient effect between two colors. How good the blending effect will be depends on how thin you can print. Lower resolution prints (thicker layers) will quickly show up as streaks if the two colors are not mixed together, but simply piled on top of each other.

Whether you should buy a multi-extruder printer depends on the complexity of your printing. If what you are printing is really simple, a single extruder may be sufficient for your needs. Also, if you need highly detailed color prints and still plan to dye or process the object to add color after printing, you can still use a separate base material. For these types of prints, we recommend using a dual-extruder 3D printer. And for those of you who want to get multi-color prints without real photo gradients and color variations, Multiple Extruder will be the perfect solution for you.

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Dual Extruder Delta 3d Printer

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Dual Extruder Delta 3d Printer

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Dual Extruder Delta 3d Printer

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