Where To 3d Print Yourself

Where To 3d Print Yourself – I’ve always wondered what a board game that looked like a mini version of me would be like. Finally I found an easy way and in this Instructable I will show you how to 3D print! You need EM3D app, Tinkercad account, Meshmixer software and 3D printer. Let’s start!

Go to the app store and download the EM3D app. We use this app to scan and get a 3D model of ourselves. Again, make sure your iPhone model is X or later. You have to pay a small amount to download the 3D scans, but I’ve been scanning the package for a year and I can say that it’s totally worth it.

Where To 3d Print Yourself

Where To 3d Print Yourself

Now you need to find someone to scan you. For our tabletop game, we only want the scanners to be above the shoulders, but anything below that is fine. The app is very simple to use, just make sure you move slowly until all the parts you want to cover turn green. Some important areas that people miss are the top of the head and under the chin.

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When you’re done, don’t worry if it looks a little crooked or if there are extra pieces on the page. We get rid of them when we polish the design in Meshmixer.

Click the blue action button in the lower left corner of the scanner and click “Export OBJ”. You can then send the file to your computer or email it to download to your computer.

Download Meshmixer to your computer. From there, click Import and select 3D Scan. You are probably looking at your scanner in Meshmixer right now.

Now let’s polish your scan in Meshmixer. The video above walks you through the entire process. The steps are also explained here:

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1. Click Edit, Transform, then rotate the scanner by dragging the red arc until it is straight. Then click “Accept”.

2. Click Edit, Crop Plane, then drag the red arrow down until you cut off the bottom part you don’t want. Then click “Accept”.

4. Click Edit, Split Shells, then toggle the visibility of each shell on and off. Then click on those shells and click Delete in the lower right corner.

Where To 3d Print Yourself

6. See if you like it, and when you’re happy with the final product, click Export. Name the file, select a location, and export as a .stl or .obj file. I chose .stl for this, but it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

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Open Tinkercad and create a new layout. Click the Import button in the upper right corner and select the file you exported from Meshmixer.

NOTE: The model exported from Meshmixer is very large, so change the scale to 10% when importing into Tinkercad.

TIP: To change the scale of the scan, hold down the shift key while dragging one of the corners of the model.

If you want, you can print the scan as it is. Once you have the dimensions you want, click Export in the top right corner to send it to your 3D printer.

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But if you want to make it a little more game-like, follow these steps. There is also a video demonstration of this process if you scroll down.

2. Drag the hollow box onto the work surface and make it the height of your model’s neck. Don’t forget how tall your box is. (Figure 2)

4. Pull the cylinder onto the work surface and raise the box (Figure 4)

Where To 3d Print Yourself

5. Drag the torus onto the work surface and make it the same height as your cylinder; make the length and width a few mm larger than your cylinder (picture 5)

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6. Hollow out the pipe, align it with the cylinder and connect them; I call this shape a rack (Figure 6).

7. Align the stand with your head according to the pattern; adjust the dimensions of the stand so that it holds your head well (photo 7)

8. Lower the head by 0.5 mm so that the foot and head flow well when printing; group them together (Figure 8)

Here is a video tutorial on how to make the game.

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NOTE: In the video at 3:18 I accidentally moved the head 0.5mm instead of -0.5mm, but make sure you turn it down.

This concept of scanning and 3D printing can be extended to many other ideas. The possibilities are practically endless! Here’s an example of how I printed myself as a souvenir 🙂

Overall, I’m very happy with the outcome of the game. I really love how detailed the prints are even though they are so small! The personal touch makes playing board games so much more fun 🙂 The “selfie” has become incredibly popular as a way to capture moments, but this coming decade brings with it some big, or rather small, competition: 3D printed clones.

Where To 3d Print Yourself

Based in Dusseldorf, Doob-3D is a full-service 3D technology company that specializes in creating a photorealistic 3D printed copy of yourself, known as a ‘dub’.

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Michael Anderson, CEO of Doob-3D, said the 3D printing process is easy. You enter the 3D scanner, or “duplicator,” an octagonal stand with 54 digital cameras, precisely positioned from head to toe, capturing light in 360-degree images.

“During the scan, we use a process called photogrammetry, which takes still images of the same moment. Then convert it to a high resolution file. So after scanning, we actually have our own software that converts the images into a high-resolution 3D file very cost-effectively and quickly,” Anderson explained. “And then we have the manufacturing capacity to turn that into the final physical product. “

Doob-3D has one of the first fully integrated and scalable 3D pipelines for 3D imaging, software, modeling and printing. Polymer resin and ink is an industrial additive manufacturing process used for figure building, bonding and painting.

“It’s a really cool process, a little different than what people usually think of when they see 3D printing. The actual print can take about 18 hours,” Anderson said. layered down to the last box.”

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“You know, when you think about AI and the idea of ​​capturing your consciousness in these types of applications and 3D printing, it’s about personalization and customization,” Anderson told Fox News. “So, of course, the two are combined. When you think about it, 3D printing and character are just one application of our technology.

“After the 3D scan, when we looked down a bit, we actually captured a high-resolution digital version of you. And I see a really important long-term connection between AI and the virtual you,” he added.

Most clients want to capture special moments in their lives. When they grow up, they make their children’s characters and wedding cakes. It will become a personal piece of your fireplace. Gone are the days when pictures are on your wall, now are the days when your 3D character is on a shelf.

Where To 3d Print Yourself

“The whole goal behind it was to create something meaningful. Because of the technology, we didn’t want to use 3D printing and 3D scanning. It was about using technology to create a product that has meaning for the everyday person,” Anderson said. scan it and make a 3D printer of it.

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The Kinect scanner is connected to the computer next to the vinyl cutter. This scanner can capture 3D data on human-sized objects. Kinect looks like a black bar about 8 inches long with lenses on it. It has a USB cable that breaks. Make sure you plug the USB cable into a separate wire (power and USB). When finished, unplug the power cord as well.

You need a friend for this step. They hold the scanner, walk you around and scan you as described in the video. Start by scanning the entire face, then move around the body.

Scan them up and down. You must remain completely still during this process. Before starting, make sure that the UBS cable of the scanner is free enough. It will take a few tries to get it right.


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