Qidi X Max 3d Printer

Qidi X Max 3d Printer – QIDI TECH X-plus combines all the functions of a 3D printer, such as quiet printing, air purification, Wi-Fi connection, one-button quick alignment, stop point printing, etc. You can print on high-quality materials such as nylon and carbon. Compatible with all brands of optical fiber, PC and 1.75 mm thread. The QIDI TECH X-Plus 3D printer offers an efficient modern design that looks great in your home or office, making it easy to incorporate 3D printing into your workflow.

3D printing is used for rapid prototyping, architectural scale models and markets, 3D printed prosthetics and movie props, and more. QIDI TECH is ideal for hands-on design learning, designers, craftsmen, hobbyists and home users, as well as advanced educational institutions. 3D users in industry, engineering and product development. This makes a huge contribution to the development of modern society.

Qidi X Max 3d Printer

Qidi X Max 3d Printer

Every 3D printer purchase from 3D Printlife includes a free introductory online digital design course from New Collar Network. Learn the fundamentals of Computer Aided Design (CAD) modeling with our free online software. It is automatically activated during payment.

Pei Hot Bed Steel Plate For Qidi X Pro/x Max/flash Forge/markerbot 3d Printer

3D Printlife is committed to improving the sustainability of 3D printing, our 3D filament is compatible with 3D printers or 3D pens and comes in 1.75mm and 2.85mm. Featuring FormFutura, Filamentive, Copper3D, FiberTuff, and Keene Village Plastics, our 3D filaments are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, durable, and include cardboard winding to offset your carbon footprint, as well as PLA, PLAYPHAb PLA/PHA, PVA, Enviro ABS , Bio PETG, ALGA algae based PLA, Nylon like DURA, ABS like OMNI, Semi-flexible YOGA TPU replacement, RePLAy 100% recycled PLA filament, Carbon fiber, ASA, Polypropylene, PEEK, Carbon fiber PEEK, PEKK, PEI Ultem and PPSU. You can use a 3D scanner or your imagination to create 3D printed parts. Eco-friendly 3D filament is compatible with FDM 3D printers including Dremel, Raise3D, Flashforge, Creality, XYZPrinting, QIDI, Syndaver, Robo3D, Prusa, Snapmaker, Monoprice, Lulzbot, MakerBot and Ultimaker. Productivity improvement in various areas. This is true. Whether you want to learn how to create or just pass an exam, check out our deals on the QIDI Tech X-Plus and X-Max large intelligent industrial 3D printers. In addition to discounts, there are also special coupon codes that reduce the price even more. So what are you waiting for? Get your stocks as soon as possible before the price returns to its original form.

As mentioned earlier, the discount is only available for a very limited time and you can only take advantage of it if you go to the product page and order the promotion as soon as possible. If we don’t, the price will go back to the original model and we won’t want it. Now let’s take a closer look at 3D printers and what to expect.

Key features: Single extruder with 4-sided turbo fan, 5-inch full-color touch screen with intuitive icons for easy operation. Construction size: 300mm x 250mm x 300mm / 11.8″ x 9.8″ x 11.8″ More stable than plastic supports Full metal support, aircraft aluminum, Professional QIDI TECH after-sales team Aluminum alloy machined CNC, if you have any problems with the 3d printer, we will reply you within 24 hours, 1 year free warranty.

This model is distinguished by a solid construction and quite practical design. It also has a 5-inch touchscreen for easy navigation and control. The control is accurate and precise, giving the 3D printer a more professional feel and a better user experience.

Qidi Tech X Pro 3d Printer Review: Specs, Software, Upgrades And More

QIDI TECH’s X-Max Large Intelligent Industrial 3D Printer is now available at 30% off for a limited time. Plus, use code J367AF8FBAE1D000 at checkout to get an extra $50 off. That brings the price down to $1,349. Just follow this link and get it.

Key features: QIDI TECH X-PLUS 3D printer, designed by a team of top experts, combines the most accurate 3D technology and provides silent printing, air purification and Wi-Fi connectivity. It can print on materials such as nylon, carbon fiber, PC, etc. and is compatible with all brands of 1.75mm filament. The X-PLUS 3D printer kit comes with two types of extruders. Extruder A is already installed on the printer. It has a maximum printing temperature of 250C and works well with PLA, ABS, TPU. For Extruder B, it’s free if you need it. The maximum printing temperature is 300C, and it can print nylon, carbon fiber, PC. (latest development, free trial). X-PLUS introduced two different methods of placing threads. Vent printing or hermetic printing with a constant temperature to choose from when printing different fiber types. Dual Z-axis drivers provide more stable and accurate print quality when printing large-format models. 3D printers of higher configuration, more.

The QIDI TECH Large X-Plus Intelligent Industrial 3D Printer is another great option if you want to buy a 3D printer at a lower price. It has an almost identical design, but without touch input. That said, this might not be a big deal for everyone, as many of us still use physical controls. It has excellent quality and durability and is suitable for both professional and home use.

Qidi X Max 3d Printer

If you are planning to buy this 3D printer, you can get it with 30% discount. Plus, get an additional $50 off as a promotion on the final price. Use code: O367AEFA6AD8D000 to get the discount. That brings the price down to $949. Follow this link to get it.

Free Stl File Qidi X Plus & X Max Carriage Bmg Extruder On Metal Bracket

That’s all about today’s trade, but there’s more to come tomorrow, so stay tuned for more. Also, the discount is only available for a limited time and the coupon expires soon, so grab it early.

That’s all for now. What do you think about a discount on a 3D printer? What model are you looking for? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Qidi X Max

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Qidi X Max 3d Printer

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Qidi Tech Large Size Intelligent Industrial Grade 3d Printer New 2022, Model:x Max,5 Inch Touchscreen,wifi Function,high Precision Printing With Abs,pla,tpu,flexible Filament,300x250x300mm

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